Extra Curricular

Y6 Cinema and MIMA

As part of the ‘Post SATs celebrations’, the children in Y6 visited Cineworld, in Middlesbrough, to see ‘Home’ and then MIMA to undertake some art based workshops.

They all had a fabulous time – as you can see- and it was the perfect end to their SATs week.



Reception were very lucky to experience a session of Judo. The children enjoyed playing different games on the Judo mat and were very excited to pin each other down in a Judo hold.


Music man

A Music Man visited Reception. We enjoyed singing and playing instrucments along to the music. The children were very good at listening to the beat and tapping along to it.


People who help us

For our People Who Help Us topic we had a speical visit from nurse Steph. She talked to us about how she cares for people who are poorly in hospital. We practised bandaging up our ‘wounds’ and looked at Xrays. The children loved being nurses and doctors for the day and exploring the range of activities.

For our topic ‘People Who Help us’ Reception wrote their own letters to send home. We looked at our addreses and wrote these on our envelopes. To post our letters home we all visited the Post Office to buy a stamp and post our letters. It was very exciting to recieve our letters at home and read them with our families!


V.E. Day Commemorations

In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, which marks the end of World War Two in Europe, The Royal British Legion (Billingham Branch) held a commemorative service at the Cenotaph on Station Road – conducted by the Rev. Bill Braviner.

As this was such a significant day, Pentland took all Y6 children, to represent the whole school, and the School Captains placed a wreath at the memorial.

Y3 and 4 Bluereef Aquarium

On Friday 1st May, year 3 and 4 children enjoyed a trip to the Bluereef Aquarium in Tynemouth. This was the perfect trip to fit in with our topic Blue Abyss. We had a fantastic time and learnt all about different sea creatures; their habitats, diet and lots of fascinating facts. Did you know that a starfish empties its stomach out of its body to eat any food?!

We had an amazing time!


Y6 visit to Guisborough Forest

We visited Guisborough Forest to build dens. It was a lovely, sunny day and we had so much fun learning about the environment and building a den structure. We all had to fit in the den at the end and make sure it was waterproof! We learnt a lot of new vocabulary and we can’t wait to use it in class.