Upper Key Stage Two

Year 5 and 6 Curriculum

Read below to find out all about our creative curriculum!

Click on a link below to view our Year 5&6 curriculum. Science, ICT, RE, PE and foundation subjects are taught on a 2 year rolling programme.

Y5 I Can Maths
Y5 I Can Reading
Y5 I Can Writing
Y6 I Can Maths
Y6 I Can Reading
Y6 I Can Writing
Y5&6 Topic Curriculum
Y5&6 Curriculum 2


Our Curriculum

In Year 5 and 6, we aim to deliver a creative curriculum that interests our children. We use the whole school termly topic to help us think of interesting titles and ensure we are covering all of the National Curriculum requirements. We then tailor these plans to suit our children.


In Upper Key Stage Two, children have Maths lessons daily for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Throughout the week, children complete a Schofield and Sims test – section A, B and C for the first ten minutes of every maths lesson. This helps pupils to consolidate their knowledge and answer a wide range of questions mentally with speed and accuracy. Schofield and Sims has had a really positive impact throughout Year 5 and 6.

We use the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning to structure learning in maths over the year. For each topic, pupils are first taught to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics. They then practice reasoning mathematically, so that by the end of a unit they are able to solve a wide range of problems by applying their skills. Follow the link below to find out more about the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning.


Year 6 SATS maths revision.  This link shows you lots of SATS questions and if you click on the Youtube link it will explain how to do the question.




We love reading at Pentland, so we start our day with time to read our independent reading books, which might be scheme readers or freely chosen reading books, depending on the pupil’s ability.

Our English lessons start with a ‘Teaching of Reading’ lesson. During this session we focus closely on vocabulary, fluency, reading skills including comprehension. We use selected texts and books which are appropriate to the pupil’s stage.

The second part of the lesson focuses on Writing. The children cover a wide range of genres. In order to show how much the children already know, the children first complete a cold task. A cold task is completed without any teaching to help understand how much the children already know and to find out the gaps in the childrens learning. The teacher then uses this information to help plan lessons that target the childrens gaps in learning and help them to make progress. After targetting all the gaps in learning the children complete a warm task. This is completed independently but using all the skills that the children have learnt.

Some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils have created some fantastic pieces of writing this year and are making good progress. You can clearly see this in our books.

During the afternoon, we make sure we have time to read for pleasure – this might be sharing an exciting whole class novel or reading non-fiction to help us in a fact-finding mission.


Our Planet Topic Spring 2020

This term’s KS2 topic is called “Ships, trains and automobiles” and in year 5&6 we will be finding out how the Tees Valley area played a very important part in a huge change across the world nearly 200 years ago. We will be finding out about something that people thought very scary 200 years ago, but now it’s part of our everyday lives – the railways. In geography, we’ll look at where railway journeys can take us – the destinations – plus in geography and PSHE, we will be thinking about the impact that we have had on our planet through developing industry and transport.  Our Solar System science topic will take us into space and help us to look at transport beyond planet Earth. In DT, we will be exploring mechanisms that can be used in transport plus IT is programming.