Mission Statement

Welcome to Pentland Primary School!

Headteacher’s Welcome

Here at Pentland, we are a family. We work closely with our community to ensure that we meet the needs of our families. We work hard to provide the best for every child and to ensure that every child enters and leaves our school happy, safe and with a love of learning. We know that working closely with our parents and community will ensure that every child can reach their full potential. Every child, regardless of their starting point in life, deserve this.

At the heart of every family there are core values, and at Pentland we are no different. Our Pentland values (Hardworking, Confidence, Resilience, Independence and Kindness) ensure that our children learn vital skills to help them achieve whatever they put their mind to. Every day our children strive to be kind, work hard and never give up.

Every child is special and has something that makes them unique and remarkable. At Pentland we provide a broad, inclusive curriculum, catered to the child’s needs, that will help them on their journey to find what makes them exceptional. Celebrating a child’s achievements and talents is important to a child’s growth, and here at Pentland we celebrate success at every point along their learning journey.

By the time children leave Pentland, we endeavour to provide them with them life-long positive learning skills and to have loved their time in primary school. We want all children to be responsible citizens, proud of their achievements and most of all to be happy.

So, please have a look around our website and hopefully it will give you a taste of the wonderful, inspiring school that Pentland is. However, this can only give you a taste of what we provide and we strongly suggest you come and visit us. Please contact our school office and we will do our best to meet your request.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and exploring what Pentland offers the children of Billingham.

Miss Steph Robinson
Head Teacher