One Excellence Complaints Policy (1)
Accessibility Policy and Plan 2022 – 25
Admissions Policy
Admissions Policy (proposed)
Anti-Bullying Policy
Behaviour and Positive Relationships Policy
Charging Remissions Policy
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Equality Objectives
Packed Lunch Policy
Pupil Premium Policy
SEND Policy
Security Policy 2023
Supporting Children with Medical Needs
Uniform Policy
Intimate Care Policy
One Excellence Positive Handling and Physical Restraint Policy 2022
Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education 

Safeguarding and child protection policy
Safeguarding Child Friendly Policy


Whilst our complaints procedures are agreed at Trust level, and are consistent across all off our schools, the policy is rooted in school level contact and support at the earliest stages of a complaint or concern. The aim of this policy is to ensure that a concern or complaint by a parent/carer or member of the public is managed sympathetically, efficiently, at the appropriate level and resolved as soon as possible. Most concerns, where a parent/carer seeks intervention, reconsideration or some other action to be taken, can be resolved informally. As such, parents/carers should raise the concern initially with the Class Teacher, Assistant Headteacher and Headteacher in the first instance as a ‘stage 1’ complaint. Should the complaint not be resolved, then the complaint progresses to ‘stage 2’, with greater involvement of the Trust. The full complaints policy and processes can be found on One Excellence policy page, here
Complaints Policy
Serial Complaints Policy

Data Protection – GDPR

Pentland Primary School collects and uses pupil information under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Education Act 1996 which are lawful basis for collecting and using pupil information for general purposes (and from Article 6 and Article 9 where data processed is special category data from the General Data Protection Regulation from 25 May 2018).

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Admissions Privacy Notice
CCTV Privacy Notice
Complaints Privacy Notice
Employee Privacy Notice
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Volunteers Privacy Notice

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