Meet our staff

Mrs D Dacombe, Head Teacher

Mrs Dacombe loves being kind and friendly to everyone she knows. When she is not in school, she loves to spend time with her family and participating in family football matches where she always loses. Dancing is something she has always loved doing and you can often find her waltzing away on a dancefloor in Blackpool. 


Mrs KiddMrs L Kidd, Early Years Leader

Mrs Kidd loves reading stories, her favourite book is ‘The tiger who came to tea’. When she isn’t at school she likes to spend her time cooking and playing in the garden. Her favourite things are chocolate, cuddles and coffee! 


Miss S Robinson, Assistant Head Teacher and Reception teacher

Miss Robinson is caring and friendly. She loves reading children’s books and enjoys sharing these books with the children she teaches. Miss Robinson loves spending time with her family and catching up with her friends when she’s not in school.


Mrs Sykes

Mrs R Sykes, Nursery Teacher

Mrs Sykes looks after the Nursery children. At home, she enjoys long walks with her children and she is very creative.


Mrs Westland

Mrs M Westland, Reception and Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Westland loves spending time with her family, going on days out and enjoying the sunshine in her garden.


Miss Etherington

Miss L Etherington, Nursery Teaching Assistant


Mrs Newman

Mrs Y Newman, Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Newman loves spending time with her family, going on holiday and eating out. She likes walking and crossword puzzles.


Mrs Berry

Mrs J Berry, Nursery Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Berry loves reading, camping and spending time with her family.


Mrs Dixon

Mrs D Dixon, Nursery Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Dixon loves coming into school and being silly with children. She loves going for family walks with their dog Gi. Most of all, she loves playing her music and singing very loud in the bath!


Mr Hardy

Mr P Hardy Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs Poulter

Mrs H Poulter, Nursery teacher

Mrs Poulter’s favourite place in school is the wildlife area as she loves being with the children outdoors. Outside of school, she enjoys finding new places to explore with her family, friends and dog and taking lots of photos.


Miss Dobson

Miss K Dobson, Year 3 & 4 teacher

Miss Dobson loves to laugh and have fun with her class. Her favourite thing to do in school is play ‘find the golden crown’ in maths; it’s even more fun when she wins! When she is at home, she loves to look after and play with her 3 dogs, hamster and pet hedgehog. Going on long dog walks in the park is one of her favourite ways to spend the evening. 

Mrs B Love, Reception and KS1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Love is a teaching assistant in Year 1 and Early Years. She is a member of the school’s Local Advisory Board and has been a school governor for over 12 years. She loves to travel to new places and to try new foods. She is passionate about Pentland Primary and loves her job.


Mrs A Allen, Nursery Teaching assistant

Mrs Allen likes to spend time with her family, sit in her garden and visit the Lake District.


Miss Simpson

Miss A Simpson, Reception and Key stage 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Simpson works in Reception/Year 1. Her favourite subject in school is Read Write Inc. She enjoys going out for walks with her dog and family.


Mrs Fryett

Mrs C Fryett, Assistant Head Teacher and Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Fryett loves teaching in year 5. When not in school, she enjoys reading, doing DIY projects, gardening, going for walks – especially with her dog Toby – and spending time with family and friends.


Mrs Bowe

Mrs L Bowe, Year 1&2 Teacher

 In her spare time, Mrs Bowe likes to spend time with her family, keeping active and going on day trips. She also enjoys reading and singing.


Miss Swainston

Miss E Swainston, Year 5 Teacher

Miss Swainston enjoys going on long walks on the beach with her dogs. During the holidays, she loves to travel to different countries and explore different cities.


Miss Watcon

Miss E Watson, Year 3&4 Teacher

Miss Watson loves being happy and seeing people smile. She likes teaching Art, in particular, and enjoys visiting art galleries and exhibitions. When she is not in school, she loves to travel to places that she’s never been to before and is always searching for holidays to unusual places.


Mrs S Duncan, Year 3&4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Duncan loves working as a teaching assistant in year 3/4. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys going to the Riverside Stadium to watch Middlesbrough play football. 


Mrs Heslop

Mrs P Heslop, Year 3&4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Heslop loves spending time with her friends. When she is not at work, she enjoys going on adventures with her family, especially going on walks to the beach to get ice cream. Reading is something she has always enjoyed doing, she loves nothing more than sitting in the garden when the sun is shining with a good book and a cup of coffee. 


Mrs Taylor

Mrs H Taylor, Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Taylor always has a big smile for everyone she meets and loves to make people laugh with her silly walks. She always has lots of woolly projects on the go and loves to talk about them. She is caring, supportive and helpful. 


Mrs F Henderson, Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Henderson loves her school and likes working with children of all ages. She loves cats and has two, Daisy and Poppy. She also likes reading, watching soaps on telly and spending time with her family.


Mr Hill

Mr R Hill, Year 6 Teacher

Mr Hill teaches in years  5 & 6. In school, he enjoys Science lessons and loves making them fun and interesting. When he is not at school, he likes to play hockey and go on holiday with his family.


Mr Luke

Mr C Luke, Year 3&4 Teacher

Mr Luke’s favourite subjects are Maths and PE. Outside of school, he enjoys watching Newcastle win, cycling & spending time with his friends and family.


Miss M Raven, Year 3&4 Teaching Assistant

Miss Raven loves working at Pentland because every day is different. She has 2 gorgeous dogs named Meeka and Abbie and they love going for long walks in the park. She enjoys spending precious time with her family and going for picnics in the countryside.


Mrs G Garland, Y5&6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Garland is always smiling. She loves working with children at Pentland and seeing them at playtime. In her spare time, she likes swimming with her children and going to music concerts.


Mrs C Pollitt, Y5&6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pollitt likes to smile and have fun. She likes to walk her crazy dog, Phoenix, bake and spend time with her family. She has been at this school for just over a year and loves it here.


Mrs L Featherstone, Inclusion Lead

Mrs Featherstone is a good listener who tries to help people if they have a problem. She likes baking cakes, going to concerts and watching the Boro.


Mrs J Robinson, EMS Teacher

Mrs Robinson loves being a teacher at Pentland, she enjoys playing and learning with the children in her class and across the whole school. When she is not at school Mrs Robinson loves shopping and spending time with her family. She can often be found at the local cricket club watching her children play cricket.


Miss C Parker, EMS Teacher

Miss Parker always has a smile on her face and likes to help others. When not in school her favourite thing is to spend time with her children walking the family dog and supporting them in their sporting activities.  


Mrs D Lake, EMS Teaching assistant

Mrs Lake is kind and helpful. When not in school she likes to keep fit running, walking the dog and climbing Roseberry Topping. She enjoys spending time with her family. 


Mrs K Reed, EMS Teaching Assistant

Mrs Reed loves being silly and laughing with the children. She loves it when they learn to do new things they’ve been practicing…she is sometimes too excited and it very loud when this happens!!!


Mrs K Garratt, EMS Teaching assistant, 

Mrs Garratt loves working with our wonderful Pentland family and loves nothing more than seeing the children learn and grow as they move through school. When not at school she enjoys spending time with her family and cooking. You may also see her running past your houses and around Billingham as she enjoys keeping fit. 


Mrs L Congdon, EMS Teaching Assistant

Mrs Congdon is kind and helpful to others. When not at school she likes to go for long walks along the beach and in the country side. Her favourite thing to do is spend time with her family and friends.


Mrs A Cetinkaya, EMS Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cetinkaya (Mrs C) is approachable and supportive. She loves spending time with her family, playing games, good food and walking her dog.


Miss S Harvey, EMS Teaching Assistant

Miss Harvey loves spending time with her two children. Summer is the time that she likes the best.


Mrs E Nelson, Parent Support Advisor

Mrs Nelson loves spending time with her family, exploring the countryside and visiting the beach.


Mrs K Craigie, School Business Manager

Mrs Craigie likes caring for people and loves spending time with her family, friends and particularly her granddaughters.  When she’s not in school, she likes travelling, socialising and being outdoors. She has a real passion for football and is an avid Hartlepool United supporter where she has been a season ticket holder for over 15 years. 

Mrs P Caldwell, School Administrator

Mr J McGhee, School Caretaker