Early Years Foundation Stage

At Pentland Primary School we provide a safe and nurturing environment in which children can experiment, explore and progress in their own creative ways.

Nursery offers both 15 and 30 hour funded places for three and four year olds. The 15-hour places are all AM sessions and the 30-hour places are full days. We like children to start as ‘rising 3’s’ from as close to their third birthday as possible, to give them a head start in their nursery career. We offer paid for afternoon sessions for those parents that don’t qualify for a 30hours place and wrap around care is available from 7.45-5.30 each day.

The intent of our EYFS curriculum is to ensure our children develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to achieve fulfilling lives. We instill core values into our children that help them to grow and reach their full potential and have high aspirations for their own futures, regardless of their backgrounds and experiences. Pentland EYFS is the start of our children’s journey and we provide them with all the skills, experiences and nurturing that they need to be a ‘school ready’ resilient learner.

We teach to the Development Matters and EYFS Framework. We use ‘Evidence Me’ to capture evidence and inform each child’s next steps to keep track of children’s progress. When children start Pentland Primary school we follow the Leuven scales to ensure children are settled before using baseline assessments and observations to build a picture of each individual child’s staring points across all 17 areas. Information from previous settings, childminders and parents is also taken into consideration when completing baselines. We track data using traffic light assessment systems, RWi phonics assessments, Classroom Monitor and teacher knowledge every half term. We have regular meetings with parents, including a home visit before each child starts and a settling in meeting within a child’s first term. Attainment, progress and well-being are reported to parents throughout the year for each child with opportunities to discuss any barriers or challenges they may be facing, to offer support, as we believe that early identification and intervention is key for a child to be happy and therefore thrive.


Nursery Long Term Plan

Curriculum Map Nursery Autumn 2021